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Without a doubt, 2020 has not gone as planned, and it is that COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has completely taken us all by surprise. Regardless of country, city, or socioeconomic status, everyone speaks and is aware of what is going on. For this reason, among public opinion, different theories and comments have been generated around the subject; some say that it does not exist, that the data published in newspapers is false, and they have even come to say that it is an invention of the elites to control the world. On the other hand, there are those who reject these theories and believe that care, the use of face masks, social distancing, and the different measures that have been proposed by the different governments are necessary.

Now, at CGR Latino, we do not have the absolute truth; however, we have witnessed the number of deaths that this pandemic has generated, and it saddens us to see that, as time has passed, the epicenter of this terrible disease has passed from being in Asia and Europe and is now focused on the Latin American lands that we love so much. We want to avoid more infections and deaths and tell those who follow us that, despite the fact that much has been said about the use of face masks and that the WHO (World Health Organization) itself has declared for and against the use of masks at various times during this pandemic, confusing users in a certain way, the answer is a resounding yes, the use of masks and the distance between people is essential for all citizens. 

To expand this information regarding the use of face masks, we quote the following article that contains information based on WHO announcements: “The use of face masks is essential and now required in the coronavirus disease mitigation phase” (Covid – 19). The virus can travel in droplets of saliva up to 1 meter away while the person is talking, 3 meters if they cough, and up to 10 meters in a sneeze. It is impossible to practice effective social isolation if the mask is not used. Both the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection have recommended and mandated its use in public, land, and air transportation systems and in areas of massive influx of people (supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, etc.) in which it is impossible to maintain a minimum distance of one meter, in all symptomatic respiratory patients, all those over 70 years of age and people who live with them, and all patients with comorbidities. cardiovascular, immunological, cancer, pregnant women, chronic respiratory diseases, and HIV. It is not recommended to use the same mask for periods longer than a day, and it should also be changed whenever it is dirty or wet. They should not be washed or reused, and hands should be washed before and after use.

As is known, there are different types of face masks; there are fabric face masks, filter face masks, industrial face masks, and surgical face masks, among many others; some are better than others; some are more practical; but the really important thing is to use face masks whenever they are made; in activities such as those mentioned above, masks protect our health, so it can be said that, regardless of the type, the use of masks protects our lives.

Currently, CGR Latino, in alliance with Pizadorx, a company established in 1978 with more than 42 years of experience in the commercialization of textile and clothing products, has been developing the commercialization of face masks for companies, clinics, hospitals, IPS, EPS, and other public or private entities where the constant use of masks is clearly necessary for the development of work. We are two Colombian companies united with the aim of combating this pandemic that has affected us all so much with the use of face masks.

The masks that we offer in the company of Pizadorx have the proper import license required by the state of Colombia and can be marketed without any problem since they meet all the required medical standards. The masks have 3 layers: the antibacterial layer that effectively blocks droplets, the non-woven fabric layer with a superior filter, and the one that absorbs hot air from the mouth. In addition, these masks have an aluminum nose clip so that the mask adjusts to the curvature of the bridge of the nose, providing greater protection.

If you have any questions or require more information about the face masks to market, do not hesitate to contact us at CGR Latino in association with Pizadorx. We believe that by working together, we will get ahead and achieve more.

CGR Latino, Por y Para Latinoamérica. 

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