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How trademark registration works in Colombia ?

What is a trademark registration for in Colombia? Why is trademark registration important in Colombia?

Perhaps you have seen this ® at the end of different brands of products or services. Well, this distinctive is a symbol granted by the government entities of each country when a trademark registration is made, and if you have wondered how I can register my trademark, you are in the right place.

In the process of forming companies, firms, or agencies, it is always necessary to remember that everything is consolidated into a brand that makes each one distinctive from the others, avoiding copies or fraud by third parties. For example, throughout 2019 in Colombia, there were 309,463 firms were created, each with its own trademark registration; this means that no one else can use these trademarks in the market.

The importance of brand registration is mainly that it allows the company to differentiate the product or service it offers from those of other companies. In addition, having a registered brand guarantees quality to consumers and generates trust. However, it is important to mention that the most important benefit of a trademark registration is that it gives the company the exclusive right to prevent third parties from marketing similar products or offering similar services with identical trademarks.

Trademark registrations can be made by any natural or legal person; however, apart from the trademark registration, there is a collective trademark registration and a certification mark registration, which should not be confused with the commercial registration and must have Keep in mind that each of them requires a different process.

At CGR Latino, our specialists are fully trained to advise and carry out all the necessary procedures to obtain your trademark registration in any Latin American country.

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