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What does BPM mean? What are good manufacturing practices?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or BPM in Colombia  are a fundamental tool in the process of making products in excellent condition that do not represent harm to consumers. The objective of the (GMP)is to offer the guarantee that the manufactured products are made under the appropriate sanitary conditions and do not represent risks in the production, distribution, and consumption processes.

Normally, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are used for large companies whose process involves manufacturing or handling products such as cosmetics, food, or medicines; however, other additional requirements are also applied to medicines.

Small companies that handle this type of process do not require a certificate of good manufacturing practices; however, they must have their Sanitary Manufacturing Concept with them. Like the (GMP), the requirement of a certificate issued by the health entity corresponding to a Favorable Manufacturing Concept aims to avoid public health problems and guarantee peace of mind to consumers of the different products in each of the establishments.

At CGR Latino, we are available to accompany you, advise you, and develop the necessary audits to obtain the certificate in good manufacturing practices (GMP). Contact us and get advice from us on how to develop this process in any Latin American country.

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