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What does CCAA mean? What is a storage capacity certificate?

A Certificate of Storage and Conditioning Capacity (CCAA) in spanish is a certificate issued by the health and control entity of each country, through which it is certified that a merchant or organization meets different storage requirements for medical devices, among other products. intended for marketing

The health regulation authorities require importers and marketers of spaces that comply with the hygienic, sanitary, technical, and locative conditions and that are governed by a quality control issued by the same authority. In this way, a certificate of storage capacity can be obtained  (CCAA).

It is necessary to take into account that this certificate must be valid from the moment in which the products are going to be imported into the country or are going to be commercialized, in case of not having it, the authorities of each country can confiscate all the products, which eventually it becomes quite high expenses.

For this reason, at CGR Latino, we advise and accompany you throughout the process of obtaining your Storage and Conditioning Capacity Certificate (CCAA) to market in any country in Latin America. The Latin American market awaits you; contact our specialists.

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